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    To claim back some of your visit through Medicare you must have a referral from a doctor or optometrist.

    What To Bring

    • A referral letter from doctor or optometrist
    • Any current spectacles or contact lenses
    • Any eyedrops you may be using
    • A list of your current medications if possible
    • A list of any information you have about your medical history
    • Medicare card, private health fund details (if applicable), and details of your usual GP and/or optometrist

    What To Expect

    • Pupil dilating drops – it is likely that you will need to have eyedrops to dilate your pupils during your appointment. This may blur your vision and make you sensitive to light for a few hours. Therefore, it is best to not drive yourself home from your appointment.
    • Your visit may take an hour or more depending on your specific condition. For example, you may require additional diagnostic tests.
    • New patient form – if you are a new patient we will require you to complete a new patient form on arrival.